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We offer great financing options for the entire project cost for our customers. Loans with $0 down 0% interest for up to 24 months. 24 Month Same-As-Cash

We are certified contractors with Andersen Windows and Doors!
Our certified installers know their job and have a mess-free, quality approach to installing windows and doors! High quality materials and a team of professionals will make sure that you are satisfied with the result and won’t need to worry about the installed windows and doors for years to come.

You will struggle to find another company that operates with the combination of craftsmanship and low prices as we do. We offer great deals to our customers, because we don’t have any middlemen involved. You only pay the materials and installation. We do not pay sale-people to advertise our product, but instead focus on providing you with high-quality materials and the result you deserve!

We try to make a process of buying windows and doors easier! Get a free quote online or request a specialist to get all the measurement done quickly and without a fuss. We try to find an individual approach to every customer and make sure the process of getting new windows becomes as easy as it can get!

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    AK Windows inc. is there to help you find impeccable windows that suit you and your home. As a local, family-owned business, our aim is to provide you with high-quality windows at the lowest price possible. We have been installing windows in your homes for the last 20 years and now we feel comfortable completely cutting out any middleman. Our family and a team of highly experienced installers will make sure you pay only for the products themselves and their installation. We believe in fair game and our specialists will frankly answer all your questions about the windows and doors that we provide. Unlike big businesses we are ready to highlight all advantages and pitfalls of different types of materials and products. We will work with you to help you design windows that suit your style, space and budget. We are proud to say that we do not cut corners, our job is fast and mess-free and it surely shows as we are growing into a name that California homeowners know and trust!


    What are the advantages of Vinyl windows?
    Excellent Energy Efficiency – vinyl’s insulating properties make vinyl windows a very energy efficient type of window. Durability – vinyl windows offer exceptional durability. Our vinyl windows will not peel, blister, or fade. You will never have to sand or paint your window exterior again! Low-Maintenance – vinyl windows are virtually maintenance free. A simple cleaning is often all that is necessary to keep them looking like new!
    What are Retro-Fit Windows?
    Retrofit windows can be defined as windows that are installed into a preexisting window frame. With this type of window installation, there is very little disruption done to the home. The stucco and patch are kept intact, and only the glass from the previous window is removed to make way for the new window (also called a flush fin window). Retro-fit windows eliminate the need for exterior material removal during the process of window installation.
    What are New Construction Windows?
    There is a leakage or a new addition to a house is being built. When the studs of the home are exposed, the window can be directly installed to the frame. This means the window is nailed right into the home’s main framing.