Aluminum Windows: Your Guide

It’s hard to go wrong with an aluminum window. It is more affordable than the timbre, uPVC, or fiberglass ones, yet way more sturdy and low-maintenance. Anticorrosive aluminum alloys last for decades, and you can tailor the design of your dreams choosing from a plethora of frame options. 

Advantages of aluminum window frames

  • Aluminum windows resist rusting, peeling, warping, or bending. They will last 45-50 years, and some brands offer lifetime warranty. 
  • They also resist the impact of weather and elements, which make them ideal for regions with frequent storms, rains, and extreme temperatures. 
  • Remarkable thermal and sound insulation options. 
  • Aluminum frames come in almost every window configuration, shape, and size imaginable. They also have a non-bulky, sleek look that goes well with every interior, and can be tweaked with different interior and exterior veneers, finishes, and hardware. 
  • Despite their toughness, aluminum frames are easy to operate and clean. 
  • They make a safe first-floor option: not only are the aluminum frames durable, but they also support different state-of-the-art locking systems. 

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    Choosing aluminum windows: what to consider

    Before replacing your home windows with aluminum alternative, make sure to check all the boxes in the following list:

    Aluminum frames vs other materials

    Aluminum Wood Vinyl Fiberglass uPVC
    Service life
    Average price
    Weather resistance
    Medium to low (without additional work)
    Medium to high (might need additional work)
    Medium to high (might need additional work)
    Insulation and energy efficiency
    Medium to high
    Medium to high
    Medium to high

    Top aluminum window brands


    Andersen certified contractor

    About the brand: Industry leader with 115 years of service as America’s best window manufacturer. Andersen windows are known for premium quality, vast design options, and awarded sustainability and energy efficiency. 


    Aluminum windows by the brand. Andersen’s aluminum is subjected to innovative extrusion, which amplifies the strongest quality of the metal. The frames are thick and nearly indestructible, yet sleek, attractive, and extremely low-maintenance. The brand offers two product lines with aluminum exteriors: E-Series and Heritage®. You can choose any shape, color, size, wooden core, as well as customize your options.  

    Available in: awning, casement, French casement, double-hung, gliding, and more



    About the brand: One of the most notorious window companies of the recent 50 years, Milgard manufactures its products exclusively in the US. It is known for patented innovations and industry-leading lifetime warranties that back its quality. 

    Aluminum windows by the brand. Milgard offers Standard Aluminum A150 Windows product lines with more affordable, yet top-performing windows. The thermally Improved Aluminum A250 Windows line offers flawless energy efficiency, durability, insulation, and maintenance. Various design styles.

    Available in: single hung, horizontal slider, casement, awning, picture, radius, and more.



    About the brand: A family business of 100 years, Marvin remains one of the most trustworthy and skilled window manufacturers in America. Known for flexible solutions for architectural and environmental specifics, such as historical buildings or coastal homes. 

    Aluminum windows by the brand. Marvin prefers to work exclusively with extruded aluminum and offers extra-sturdy Marvin Signature Coastline frames for hurricane-prone areas. The Ultimate product line with extruded aluminum-clad frames is no less durable, and both lines offer you the most impressive design freedom.

    Available in: awning, casement, single-hung, picture, sliding, and more.



    About the brand: Founded in Ohio in 1977, ProVia has since earned the reputation of one of the most reliable window manufacturers. Known for its consistency when it comes to quality and innovation, the company continues to create its products in Sugarcreek. 

    Aluminum windows by the brand. ProVia’s signature product line is Aluminum Storm Windows: powerfully durable extruded aluminum frames with increased protection, Low-E, and noise insulation quality. Frames are available in various shapes and models, with custom configuration options. 

    Available in: double-hung, slider, picture

    Repair or replacement: what to choose with aluminum windows?

    Whether you should repair a faulty/old aluminum window, or just get a new one, depends on several factors. 

    Repair if

    • Your aluminum window is double- or triple-paned;
    • The glass is broken or cracked;
    • Sashes keep getting jammed or stuck;
    • Exterior casings are damaged;
    • The drip cap is missing; 
    • There’s a minor water leakage due to drainage system problems.

    Replace if

    • Your aluminum window is just single-paned. If it has already started to require work, replacing it altogether with double or triple-paned aluminum options will save you continuous repairs in the long run; 
    • There are structural problems with either the existent window or the wall/opening; 
    • The window gets foggy constantly; 
    • There’s excessive water leakage.

    Don't forget to…

    … consult your local dealer or installer certified by your window brand. For instance, we are a certified Andersen Windows contractor, offering you professional services of specially trained craftsmen. By trusting us with your aluminum window replacement, you’re securing years of top performance.

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