Bifold Door

This type of door is also sometimes called an accordion door. Its’ discerning feature is a special opening mechanism that makes it possible for the door to fold like the bellows of an accordion. The door can be composed of multiple panels of any material desired but most commonly of glass. The doors are used when a large opening is needed, and some huge models make it possible to create entrances with a width of over 50 feet.

Bifold doors have other features that make them stand out from other types of doors. For example, since the panels of the door can stack upon each other, it takes up much less space when it is closed which makes it more efficient. Also, it is a great way to make a large opening for places that get lots of traffic. A good example of this is a shopping mall or lobby. Some of these also have smaller traditional doors inserted, so a few people can pass in and out without the need to open the whole door.

The door rotates on a box that is inserted in the floor. There are two points where the door connects – on the ceiling and on the floor. This mechanism is used instead of hinges.

Also known as Folding Glass Walls, Bi-Fold Moving Glass Walls

May like: Slider Door, Pivot Door.

Design Options
We offer vibrant exterior colors of great durability. Impact resistance, energy loss prevention, anti-fading, and anti-warping technology are just a few of the perks.
Bifold Door by Brand
LaCantina Doors
Bifold Doors
Beefy Bifold
This is a heavy door that is made for withstanding damage and at the same time remaining beautiful and elegant. It has a maximum width of 40 feet with a max height of 13.5 feet. Each separate panel can be up to 5 feet wide.
  • The door body is constructed of wood and aluminum.
  • The panels are made to stack on one another to minimize the size of the door when it is open. This also makes it possible to fit the door system into any place.
Outswing folding doors
Outswing Folding Door
The exterior part of the door is covered with aluminum metal. The interior side of the door is made of wood. The metal layer on the outside is reinforced by airtight seals on the bottom side and along all the edges, which effectively makes the door airtight.
  • This model can be purchased in heights of up to 10 feet with a maximum width of 48 feet.
  • The pivoting system makes opening and closing effortless.
  • The door can be made to open from either left or right, or even from the center.
  • It is possible to purchase models upgraded with Stormwatch.
LaCantina Doors - Vinyl Folding System
LaCantina Doors' Vinyl door system
  • This model has very insulating doors made from vinyl. This makes them great for resisting extreme cold.
  • The stile is only 2.9 inches thick. The structure allows this door to let much more light through, since a large part of it is glass.
  • The door needs little maintenance.
  • The locking system is secure and is also invisible, making this a very beautiful door.
  • The maximum number of panels is 6.
  • You can order lots of different glazing options for the best performance.
LaCantina's original system
LaCantina Doors' Clad system
  • The door has a narrow panel, with a stile width of 3.5 inches, with the panels being 1.75 thickness thick.
  • The hardwoods used for this door make it very strong, and the maximum height of these panels is 10 feet.
  • The model can be shipped with up to 20 separate panels, putting its maximum width at 65 feet.
LaCantina Doors - Contemporary Clad
Contemporary Clad system
  • This door has an even narrower profile, with a maximum thickness of 2.9 inches.
  • The panels provide excellent insulation, making this a good door for extreme climates.
  • The hardwoods used in the wooden elements of this model make it very strong.
  • All other parts are made of heavy aluminum, removing any need for maintenance.
  • The model can be made with up to 20 panels, allowing for widths of up to 65 feet.
LaCantina Doors - cladwood
Aluminum Wood system
This is a hybridized model built with a blend of wood and extruded aluminum for robustness.
  • The door has a notably thin profile with a maximum thickness of 3.5 inches.
  • The panels have a maximum height of 10 feet.
  • The door can be shipped with lots of different designs, and you can request different wood grains.
  • It is possible to request the door with 20 panels.
LaCantina Doors - Aluminum Thermally Controlled
Aluminum Thermally Controlled system
  • This door is good for extreme climates, where you need to keep warm air inside.
  • The outside is reinforced with thick aluminum panels, which will stop even the fastest winds.
  • The metal parts can be shipped with anodized exterior finishing, making them look more stylish.
  • It is also possible to request the windows with triple layers of glass.
  • The maximum width of the door is 65 feet, with up to 20 panels.
aluminum doors lacantina
Aluminum system
This one uses a thick layer of aluminum for a robust outside and best performance
  • The door needs no finishing or maintenance
  • It is possible for the door to swing both inside and outside
  • The multipoint lock makes the door much more secure
  • Each panel can be up to 10 feet in height
  • The glazing makes the windows resistant to fog and heat loss.
  • You may order up to 20 panels per door
marvin coastline bifold door
Coastline Bi-Fold door
This model is made with a thick layer of aluminum. All the glass parts of this model are made from shatter-proof glass, effectively making the door hurricane proof. The panels have a maximum width of 3 feet and are 10 feet tall.
  • The model is shipped with a small built in traffic door. All the panels and the swinging door are equipped with locks.
  • The glass coating is made to lower glare. The panes are insulated and will prevent heat leakage.
  • This door meets the strictest norms for hurricane protection.
marvin signature ultimate bi-fold door
Ultimate Bi-Fold Door

This is a high-quality Bifold door, which is shipped with maximum height of 10 feet and maximum width of 55 feet. Each separate panel has a width of 3.5 feet and a height of 9.5.

There is a single swinging door installed in one of the panels to provide easier access.

The hardware of this model makes any operation very easy and smooth, so the door literally glides open when used. The door is available with contemporary wind and hurricane protection.

ax550 bi-fold door milgard
AX550 Bi-Fold Glass Walls
This door can be ordered in nonstandard sizes. Many parts of the door are made to be thermally insulated, and the edges are equipped with an airtight seal. This makes the door excellent for preventing heat leakage.
  • The frame can be ordered in four colors: white, tan, copper and clear. This makes it possible to match with any hom’s style.
  • The door can be made to work with three opening and closing styles.

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