Multi-Slide Wall Doors

In multi-slide wall doors you will find a common design element – they all have sliding panels that can move around, stack on each other and even stow away into a wall if needed. There are usually three panels but some have even more. Big doors can fold up in the middle, or move away into the wall, which makes it possible to create a big opening. This is great if you want to design a very big room. This kind of door vastly expands the space inside a room, because it can slide from side to side instead of swinging.

These doors are often considered to be one of the best ways to expand the living area. The doors can also be designed to your tastes, and you will be able to choose the color, size and many other parameters to specifically fit your house’s design.

AK-Windows is a company that can give you a vast variety of possible doors that will match your home in all ways. You will be able to configure the doors to match your preferences and you can select literally everything – from how the doors open and close to how the frames look. Of course the size and number of panels are also customizable.

Patio doors with multiple panels are possible to build from different materials. People who want a modern look will go for metal frames, or it is possible to build a setup with both wood and aluminum parts. The design can be anything as long as it matches your interior.

Also known as multi-gliding patio door, panoramic doors.

May like: slider Door.

Design Options
Door Grills
Contoured or rectangular patterns are placed into insulated glass. This makes your door durable yet low maintenance, providing a more personal and homely look to your interior.
Double Perimeter
Double Prairie
Designer Colors
We offer vibrant exterior colors of great durability that are adhesive to vinyl and won't lose quality for a very long time. Impact resistance, energy loss prevention, anti-fading, and anti-warping technology are just a few of the perks.
Multi-Slide Wall Doors by Brand
LaCantina Doors
multiglider door Andersen
MultiGlide Door
This door is made for easy gliding, and it has many places where you can customize
  • The door panels can be stacked or moved into the wall for a clear view
  • You can get both modern and rustic designs
  • The door will fit a room up to 60 feet wide with a height of up to 10 feet. The doorway itself will be 50 feet wide.
  • You can request a build with pass-through windows
Liftslide Door Andersen
Liftslide Door
Premium quality door with a glass panel inserted. The door has very high quality engineering for an easy sliding motion.
  • This model lets you make a wide opening with fewer panels
  • This door can be bought with an all-metal build, or a wooden build. A combined construction is also possible
  • There are many available shapes such as straight, curve or 90 degrees design
  • It is possible to install temperature control in the frames
  • A screen for protection from bugs can be installed
  • The bottom sliding track is only 3/16” tall
e series gliding patio door interior andersen
  • Elegant and classy gliding patio doors
  • Rigid construction: aluminum-protected wood
  • Panel options:  8" or 12" bottom rail, or  2 ¾ "
  • 4 grille types, including removable and Finelight™
  • Smooth glide with stainless steel rollers
  • Stormwatch® protection
  • Secure and low maintenance multi-point locking system
Aspect Vinyl Multi Sliding Glass Patio Doors
  • The model is made of natural oak wood. You can also select cherry and maple wood
  • The metal parts and the sill are made of reinforced steel
  • The model is equipped with an innovative water drainage system
  • There are chambers between the metal parts with insulation
  • The model is reinforced with fiberglass mesh
  • The model has wheels that are adjustable and make the sliding mechanism much more efficient
  • The latch system is spring loaded, which makes the door close automatically
  • The mobile panels can lock with each other
  • All parameters can be customized, such as size, textures, colors and finishing materials.
ecoLite Sliding Glass Doors provia
EcoLite™ Sliding Glass Doors
  • Style and functionality meet affordability in this sliding patio screen door
  • Fully welded frame
  • Brand's patented U-channel shape Intercept Blackline IG Spacer System, and the low-E glass coating guarantee flexible operation, reduced heat loss, and energy efficiency
  • Energy Star® certified
  • Durable, smooth, and quiet sliding system
LaCantina Doors' Contemporary Clad system
  • The model has all the best features of both wooden and aluminum models
  • The door runs on narrow stiles with a width of 2 15/16"
  • The panels have a good thickness of 2 1/4", and they are great for resisting heat loss
  • The model can be in any architectural style, such as squared and others
  • The door is equipped with a water-draining sill
  • The model can be bought with bronze anodizing
  • The frame is built of quality natural fir wood and you can select other woods, like mahogany
  • The hardware is certified to handle the biggest weights
  • The model has a door handle with monolithic construction and lock
  • The model has a lock system with large sliding panels and locking devices on the main panel
LaCantina Doors' Aluminum Wood multi slide
  • The model has a hybrid build made with aluminum and natural wooden elements
  • The rails have a narrow width of 3 5/8”
  • The water resistant sill makes a very good defense against any weather
  • The sill can be bought with different constructions
  • The model can have both clear and anodized constructions
  • The wooden elements are made of natural fir or even mahogany, however any other wood is possible too
  • The rolling system can be purchased with a brass or steel finish
  • The model has very durable hardware for the moving panels
  • The device has reinforced tracks for extra strength
  • The model has a very sturdy monolithic handle with a lock
  • The door has a locking system, which makes it possible to lock the big panels
LaCantina Doors' Aluminum Thermally Controlled multi slide
  • This is an ideal window for harsh climates, because it is able to keep in the most comfortable temperature in the room
  • The model has a narrow rail system that does not get in the way
  • The panels have a good thickness of 2 1/4", and they are great for resisting strong winds
  • The sill will be able to drain off any amounts of water
  • The sill can be ordered in different styles
  • The finishing can be shiny or bronzed – depends on your preferences
  • The rails are made to withstand lots of use and are very strong 
  • The rail hardware is also available with different finishes
  • The tracks are designed for great longevity and reliable structure
  • The handle has a minimalistic design
  • The locking system on one of the panels makes it possible to keep these huge panels in one place
LaCantina Doors' Aluminum multi slide
  • The model has simple and contemporary square designs
  • The rails are very narrow with a width of 2 3/4"
  • The door panels are made to be very wide, which makes it possible to admit more light
  • The panels can have a height of up to twelve feet
  • The water draining sill is resistant to any weather damage
  • The sill can be purchased in many varieties
  • The aluminum elements can be purchased with bronze anodizing
  • The AAMA certified rail system is very robust, and even with the tallest panels it gives an effortless glide
  • The hardware can have a bronze or stainless steel finish
  • The model has a solid locking system that will secure the panels against any movement
  • The track design is very tough, and will tolerate lots of use
LaCantina Doors Multi-slide glass sliding doors
Multi-slide glass sliding doors
  • A new generation of sliding patio doors created by the brand
  • Several aluminum wooden-clad frames and configurations to choose from, including enhanced thermal properties
  • Pocketing and non-pocketing systems are available
  • Smooth & silent stainless steel rolling mechanism with a 10-year warranty
  • HVHZ-certified for Florida climate
Moving Glass Wall Systems in Aluminum Clad Wood
  • This model has an option for both an aluminum frame and a wooden frame with aluminum cladding.
  • You can choose from three operating styles, each of which offers and effortless glide
  • The model has stainless steel rolling mechanisms that make it possible to effortlessly move the door
  • The sill can be improved to make a water flushing sill
  • The door is shipped with a 10 year warranty
Moving Glass Wall Systems in Aluminum
  • The door can be bought both in full aluminum or with a wooden frame
  • There are three possible choices for operation – the panels can be stacked, moved into the wall or folded
  • The stainless steel rolling mechanism features precision ball bearings, which provide a smooth glide
  • The sill can be upgraded into a flush sill if you need it
  • The model is shipped with a 10 year warranty
AX550 Stacking Glass Walls Milgard
AX550 Milgard Moving Glass Walls

The frames are narrow, and this creates a very contemporary look and gives more space for creative designs

  • The frames can be bought in different colors
  • The door can have three different styles for opening and closing
  • The aluminum model has vacuum between the panes for great heat insulation
  • The model has a lifetime warranty
marvin signature ultmate multi slide door
Ultimate Multi-Slide Door
  • Panoramic doors for every interior, with 22 configurations to choose from
  • Frame width up to 6', height up to 12'
  • Narrow 4 ¾" rails
  • Extruded aluminum and wood interiors and exteriors
  • Energy-efficient and CE certified (IZ3 coastal/hurricane certification options also available)
  • Concealed and low maintenance hardware, including extra secure multi-point locking system
signature modern multi slide door marvin
Modern Multi-Slide Door
  • Modern and minimalistic multi-slide patio doors
  • The frame of exceptionally rigid fiberglass with matte aluminum
  • Panel sizes up to 6' x 12'
  • Meeting stiles are just 3" in width (or less)
  • Extended panoramic view
  • 3 sill options for excellent performance against the elements
  • Discreet and secure stainless steel hardware and multi-point locks

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