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fiberglass window preview

Updated January 16, 2022

By AK-Windows

Fiberglass window stand out for their strength, low maintenance, and good looks. They are stronger, more affordable, and more durable than vinyl. Let’s talk more about fiberglass windows.

uPVC Window preview

Updated December 05, 2021

By AK-Windows

uPVC or PVCu is the most popular and profitable material for creating window frames, and it allows to replace some types of wood as it is more dynamic and durable. uPVC is an improved form of polyvinyl chloride found in pipework. This combination of materials makes the windows more resistant to decay, decomposition, as well as mold and fungus.

wood windows pr

Updated November 05, 2021

By AK-Windows

There are many questions about the best new wooden windows for modern and rustic homes. No matter the purpose of your visit, our team at AK Windows is there to assist you. In this article, our experts will answer all questions about wood windows in detail.


Updated October 18, 2021

By AK-Windows

If you are looking for a window for a home improvement project, aluminum windows are a great, affordable option. Find out how to choose an aluminum window that is of excellent value.


Updated October 04, 2021

By AK-Windows

Vinyl windows can provide excellent strength, protection and thermal performance. They are used in homes and buildings throughout the country, and there are dozens of manufacturers to choose from. In addition to the manufacturers, there are a variety of models, sizes and designs that can make your home or office window replacement a snap. This guide aims to provide a thorough review of vinyl windows for your home or business, and a comparison with other types of windows. You can read about vinyl windows for information, but you should be sure to read the following important information before installing vinyl windows in your home or business.

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