Vindhya S.

Avto met with us after I saw my neighbors windows and got his number . I wanted to get retrofits and his was the best pricing and he was really prompt to respond.
His team arrived on the day of installation , very clean work and he brought more people so the hassle of changing all windows doest last too long and its done sooner than later . They cleaned up after themselves and worked as quietly as they could, no damages to any existing inside/outside walls.

They had to put a wooden door frame around a sliding door that was also retrofit to cover the mechanism and gap due to old frame showing . Once they nailed it in I wasn’t happy with it as the style wasn’t matching the rest of my door frames . They immediately agreed to redo it for me as I wasn’t happy . Very good customer service and Avto’s Son was very good with explaining any queries we had . I would highly recommend their windows to anyone .

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