What are uPVC Windows?

uPVC or PVCu is a terminology that manufacturers use to name a particular type of plastic, namely Unplasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride. This component allows creating a product that will satisfy the buyer for years. It is also the most popular and profitable material for creating window frames, and it allows to replace some types of wood as it is more dynamic and durable. uPVC is an improved form of polyvinyl chloride found in pipework. The uPVC window frames include galvanized steel basis, which strengthens the product and makes the window more durable and reliable. This combination of materials makes the windows more resistant to decay, decomposition, as well as mold and fungus.

What is double glazing?

Double glazing is a term that manufacturers call the performance of windows with two glass panes, which they saturate with some gases, one of which is argon. This variety of windows became so popular due to its keeping features, for example, it does not allow heat and cold in the house and thus saves money on heating and air-conditioning of the room and the home.

What are the strengths of double-glazed windows?

Double-glazing will appeal to you thanks to several strengths, such as reducing the cost of maintaining the optimal temperature of the house and increasing the layer of insulation between the window and the window aperture. This distinguishes that type of window from single glazing ones. Moreover, such windows will be good to reduce the outside noise from the street.

In addition, we would like to point out that such windows will become a real decoration of your house because they are not only effective but also stylish.

How long can uPVC windows serve?

Some features make such windows more durable and reliable. In particular, it is their longevity, which can be effective for more than two decades. AK Windows Inc. also provides a lifetime warranty on installation and service for all windows and doors to our customers. However, you must not forget that as windows age, they may lose their original insulation capacity.

How much does window renovation cost?

The price for replacing will vary depending not just on type/size/style of the window itself but also on other factors such as the type of the walls and condition of existing window determining if the frame will be suitable to go for an insert window and perform a retro-fit install instead of more pricy new-construction one which involves removing frame from inside the wall too. Among other factors are also the design you want to see after installation of the window (e.g. grids or creative glass pattern), the type of glass, the color of the frame, etc. 

A precise cost will be available after you talk to a consultant and select the future implementation of each of these factors. Anyways, you can be sure to get the optimal and competitive price for your project.

Can I get colored uPVC windows?

UPVC is a material that is included in most examples from our product range. Vendors produce them in white, brown, pink, cream, black, gray, and other colors and shades. For those customers who plan to repaint the window frame, there is an opportunity to simply buy white unfinished window and then apply an appropriate pain yourself. At the same time, if you paint the frame yourself, you can lose your warranty.

Can I fit uPVC window shutters?

The answer is yes as shutters are an integral component of many windows. A shutter is often located next to recess. However, we advise you not to start the installation yourself because it will spoil your warranty.

Are uPVC windows harmful?

We want to assure you that such windows will not cause any harm to your health or that of your children. It’s an environmentally friendly material that you’ll be happy to see in your house because of the absence of dioxins in its composition.

Why should I choose uPVC windows over timber or aluminum?

If you do not know what to choose from such materials as uPVC, timber, and aluminum, we can advise you to consult with a specialist forst for to see what is best for you depending on many factors. However, uPVC has many more advantages than windows with similar materials. We want to emphasize the properties of this material as:

  1. No predisposition to rot and decay. In addition, you don’t have to paint these windows and replace them regularly.
  2. UPVC windows have a longer life and less cold and heat affected.
  3. Also aluminum and wood cost more than polyvinyl chloride because they are more popular materials.
  4. UPVC is able to better handle the most difficult weather conditions, such as storms, seasonal temperature variations, and precipitation.

What are the best ways to clean uPVC window frames?

If you want to protect your new windows from rapid wear, we recommend you clean the frame with soap and warm water.

What causes condensation in double glazing?

Double glazing panels often cause unexpected fluids. Sealant, which the manufacturer has around the double-glazed glass, can simply fail, and then an air gap is formed in the window structure. The appearance of fluid is typical of seasons when the outside air is colder than in the room. When condensation appears, you should know that it is time for you to service your windows or buy new ones.

AK Windows inc. has windows in its assortment that will please you with their high characteristics, which guarantee that you will forget about the problem of condensation or moisture from the street. And even if such problem is ever to appear, we will be here to assist you with repair of the windows and doors we installed free of charge! You can call us for details about the window replacement.

Triple glazing and double-glazing: what is best?

If you used single glazed windows, today is the day you rethink your choice and go with double glazing ones. You will not regret spending a bit extra when purchasing them as they are notable for their ability to save money for the owner when hot or cold weather comes as they are much better insulants. Double-glazed panes are also come in useful to reduce the outside noise.

As for the advice on choosing between these types of glass, double-glazing is suitable for those buyers who want to spend not too much money but still buy an efficient window at the same time. In most cases, double-glazing is just enough for energy-saving and noise protection. Triple glazing will come in very handy though for people who reside near noisy places such as motorways or railroads facing homes, or live in a place with more severe weather conditions.

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