Double-hung Windows

Double-hung windows are versatile in style, whatever it is color or material options, and are easy to customize. They also don't protrude when opened thus becoming an excellent option for a patio, deck, or walkway.

The sashes of a double-hung window can be moved upwards and downwards. This allows you to let more air into your space since you can use top or bottom ventilation — or combine both. A double-hung window, when needed, can be fitted with an AC with no hassle.

Double-hung windows are notoriously low-maintenance and can be easily cleaned on both sides while you're staying inside the room. Add impressive energy efficiency to all that and you will get a window style beneficial to any modern household.

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Design Options
Grid Pattern
Contoured or rectangular patterns are placed into insulated glass. This makes your windows durable yet low maintenance, providing a more personal and homely look to your interior.
Custom Patterns
Designer Colors
We offer vibrant exterior colors of great durability that are adhesive to vinyl and won't lose quality for a very long time. Impact resistance, energy loss prevention, anti-fading, and anti-warping technology are just a few of the perks.
Sky Blue
Sky Blue
Bing Cherry
Bing Cherry
Blue Denim
Blue Denim
Forest Green
Forest Green
Maple Syrup
Maple Syrup
Prairie Grass
Dark Bronze
Pebble Tan
Double-hung Windows by Brand
e series double hung window andersen
Customize the look of your single-hung windows/
  • Available interior options: stained woods, painted woods, custom colors
  • Aluminum exterior guards wooden frame
  • Clean design and state-of-art locking mechanism
a series double hung window andersen
Top-of-the-class performance series.
  • Special Fibrex® material frame protects wood along with fiberglass
  • Available interiors: painted wood, stained wood
  • Top energy efficiency
200 series double hung window andersen
200 Series
Add a cozy and homely aesthetic to your space with this durable and secure double-hung window.
  • Easy maintenance with the tilt-wash feature
  • Interiors: White (prefinished), or Pine (unfinished)
  • Exteriors: Sandtone, or White
400 series woodwright double hung window andersen
400 Series Woodwright
Achieve traditional architectural style with modern performance.
  • Exterior: protected with the unique Fibrex® material, which is a fusion of thermoplastic and reclaimed wood fiber. It's twice as strong as vinyl and will last ages without blistering, fading, peeling, rusting, cracking, pitting, corroding, or flaking — even if the most extreme elements.
  • The composite material was developed exclusively by Andersen.
  • Interiors: Natural Pine, Maple, and Oakwood sashes or Prefinished White
400 Series double hung window andersen
400 Series
This vinyl series provides the brand's best-selling double-hung windows.
  • Interiors: unfinished Pine, or prefinished Black, Dark Bronze, White
  • Enhanced energy efficiency and lifelong durability
Double Hung windows simonton
Simonton Double-Hung
Low-maintenance meets top performance and classy style.
  • Several ventilation options due to the bottom up and top down openings
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning options: the inward-tilting sash lets you wash both sides while remaining inside
Essential Double Hung Window marvin
Essential Double-Hung
Traditional but far from boring in terms of design, extremely reliable in terms of construction.
  • Fiberglass material combines low maintenance and durability both internally and externally
  • Width/height up to 6.5' / 4'
  • Easy yet reliable locking system
  • Removes/tilts for easy washing and cleaning
Elevate Double Hung Window marvin
Elevate Double Hung
Classical aesthetic with state of art durability.
  • Wooden interiors + fiberglass exteriors
  • Width/height up to 4.5' / 7'
  • Smooth and low-profile locking mechanism provides security
  • Available in replacement options for existing openings
Ultimate Wood Double Hung Insert Window marvin
Ultimate Wood
Superiorly durable double-hung windows with a no-nonsense design.
  • Exteriors are available in various finishes and woods
  •  Withstands even the harshest elements, which is proved by the IZ3 coastal/hurricane certificate
  • CE certification
Ultimate Double Hung g2 marvin windows
Ultimate Double-Hung G2
From a collection that will work equally perfect with traditional and contemporary styles.
  • Width/height up to 4.5' / 10.5'
  • Unique and convenient mode for washing and cleaning glass from both sides while staying indoors
  • Enhanced and unobstructed view due to narrow checkrails
  • CE-certified
  • IZ3 (coastal/hurricane)-certified
Gentry 5400 Series double hung windows iwc
Gentry 5400 Series Vinyl Windows
  • Concealed latch does not obstruct the view or interfere with sidelines. It also has a “hold open” feature so you could easily notice an unlocked window
  • Easily removable vent and balance due to the inverted tilt balance and built-in shoe
tuscany double hung windows milgard
Tuscany® Series | V400
Exceptionally elegant style inspired by the timeless class of Italy.
  • Premium vinyl material
  • Innovative locking system provides easy opening/closing
  • Sightlines are even, giving the window an aesthetically balanced look and feel
  • Energy efficiency guaranteed with a regional ENERGY STAR®
ecolite double hung windows provia
Soft and elegant double-hung windows in the series' signature milky-white.
  • 3" deep frame, fully welded
  • Welded sash
  • Exterior glazing
  • Easily operated due to its balance system
  • Weather-stripped dually for extra protection against the elements
aspect double hung windows provia
Practical and stylish double-hung windows.
  • Lower sash can be easily unlocked and tilted
  • 3" deep frame
  • Exterior glazing
  • Fully welded construction
  • Roller Tilt® system provides smooth and quiet operation due to the constant force balance design
  • Dually weather-stripped for extra protection against the elements
endure double hung windows provia
Cozy and classy style build on security.
  • Stress-free maintenance and cleaning thanks to the inward-tilting upper and lower sashes
  • 3" deep frame
  • Insulated and thermally reinforced
  • Exterior glazing
Aeris Wood Vinyl double hung windows provia
Aeris Wood + Vinyl
Sophisticated look combined with an extra layer of security.
  • Hardwood interiors are available in Cherry, Premium Oak, or Maple
  • Interior glazing
  • 3¼" deep frame
  • Operates smoothly and quietly due to the special Compound Tension™ balance system

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