Picture Windows

Picture (or fixed frame) windows make you feel like the world is in the palm of your hand. They are spacious, sometimes occupying the entire wall. This greatly expands any room — by adding light from the outside during the day and visually enlarging the space in the evening.

Abundant insolation is never a problem with a picture window: it bathes the room in as much natural sunlight as possible. When the sun is down, it gives you an extended and unobstructed view of the night sky or city lights — you will never feel trapped or isolated.

Design-wise, picture windows are always the right decision. Not only do they help to add accents to your exterior and interior but they are also customizable. You can combine them with other window styles, choose the sizes and shapes you prefer, or tailor them to suit your unique needs.

Also known as fixed windows, direct glaze windows

May like: Fixed casement, awning windows

Design Options
Grid Pattern
Contoured or rectangular patterns are placed into insulated glass. This makes your windows durable yet low maintenance, providing a more personal and homely look to your interior.
Custom Patterns
Designer Colors
We offer vibrant exterior colors of great durability that are adhesive to vinyl and won't lose quality for a very long time. Impact resistance, energy loss prevention, anti-fading, and anti-warping technology are just a few of the perks.
Sky Blue
Sky Blue
Bing Cherry
Bing Cherry
Blue Denim
Blue Denim
Forest Green
Forest Green
Maple Syrup
Maple Syrup
Prairie Grass
Dark Bronze
Pebble Tan
Picture Windows by Brand
100 series picture windows andersen
100 Series
Combining affordability with remarkable performance and style.
  • Fibrex® composite is a sustainable material double vinyl’s strength.
  • The composite is heat-resistant, withstanding up to 150° F
  • Picture windows come in standard sizes up to 8' wide and 8' high
  • Narrow frames enhance the view
  • Transom options plus single, twin, and triple combo options
  • Can be used as replacement inserts
200 series picture windows andersen
200 Series
Warm and homely wooden design with the performance made to protect your household.
  • Wood with a vinyl exterior for enhanced protection
  • Numerous sizes, stains, colors, finishes choosing from
  • Picture windows come in standard sizes up to 5' wide and 6' high
  • Enhanced insolation thanks to narrow frames
e series picture windows andersen
If you want to tailor the windows to suit your taste, this series is what you’re looking for.
  • Wood with an aluminum exterior added for maximized protection
  • Picture windows are available either in custom sizes or up to 6' in width and 6' in height
  • Various sizes, colors, stains, finishes you can choose from
a series picture windows andersen
Top-of-the-class performance windows from the brand.
  • Fiberglass and wood combination
  • Picture windows are available either in custom sizes or up to 6' in width and 8' in height
  • Energy efficiency awarded with the Most Efficient title of ENERGY STAR® circa 2019
400 Series picture windows andersen
400 Series
The brand’s signature vinyl-and-wood clad series.
  • Weather-resistant, time-resistant, and energy-efficient: withstand winds, drafts, heat water & moisture; lowers heat and cold transfer
  • Broad customization options (colors, finishes, hardware, sizes, grille patterns, etc.)
  • Picture windows are available either in custom sizes or up to 5' in width and 6' in height
simonton Picture Windows
Simonton picture windows
Customize your dream window or choose from the ready-made collection: the performance will still be top-tier.
  • Vast variety of shapes colors, finishes, patterns, grill styles for picture windows
  • State-of-art vinyl composite is low-maintenance and made to last
  • Energy-efficient: faultless transfer of heat and cold
marvin essential picture window
Strikingly elegant, and profoundly reliable.
  • Picture windows come in: width/height up to 9½’, and up to 49 ft2
  • Strong fiberglass composite provides years of durability and low maintenance
  • Multi-chamber frame
  • Various shapes
Elevate Picture Window Marvin
Elevate Picture
Strong and reliable in terms of both performance and design.
  • Picture windows come in:
    • Casement (up to 6’ in height and 6’ in width)
    • Double-hung  (up to 7’ in height and 5’ in width)
  • In-sash and direct-glaze versions
  • Fiberglass frame is solid and made-to-last
  • Certifications: CE, and IZ3 (coastal/hurricane)
marvin signature ultimate picture windows
Ultimate Picture (Narrow Frame & Venting)
Classic, no-nonsense design and superior strength.
  • Hurricane strength is proved via IZ3 certification
  • Vast and unobscured view from a stationary picture window with narrow frames
  • Aluminum exterior is highly durable and ready for the finish of your choice
  • Various sizes available
  • CE certified
signature modern picture marvin
Signature® Modern
Unapologetically modern and chic designs with an almost cinematic feel about them
  • Picture windows, dubbed Modern Direct Glaze, come in several variations of polygon and rectangular
  • Seamless integration is possible due to the frame recess accepting  a drywall return
  • Allows horizontal or vertical stacking
  • Frame size up to141 ⅜" to 93 ⅜"
marvin coastline picture window
Coastline Picture (Narrow Frame & Storefront)
Guards your property against the harshest of elements while enhancing your design
  • Impact resistance: can hold out against high wind, storms, hurricanes, flying debris
  • Width/height up to 12’ and 72 ft2
  • Custom sizing available
  • Sound insulation improved due to the impact glass
Crown 5300 Series Vinyl picture Windows IWC
Crown 5300 Series Vinyl Windows
A series that allows you to play by your own rules design-wise while giving you the best quality.
  • Wide choice of geometric shapes & patterns for picture windows
  • Fully-welded corners
  • Resists drafts and water penetration
  • Multi-chamber frame
  • Dual glazing
Series 9300 Vinyl Picture Windows IWC
Acoustic 9300 Series Vinyl Windows
If you want to combine style with peace, this is the collection for you.
  • Enhanced sound insulation thanks to multi-glaze panels: dual for the exterior, single for the interior
  • STC ratings of 47
  • Stationary picture windows come in different shapes
  • Easy maintenance and access to cleaning: the interior panel can be unlocked
  • Multi-chamber frame
Ambassador 8200 Series Aluminum pictures Windows IWC
Ambassador 8200 Series Aluminum Windows
Excellent for commercial and residential property thanks to the sleek, clean design and impressive performance.
  • Innovative ThermoTech™ design with top-level, highly durable aluminum
  • Dual extrusions allow you to split color designs for interior and exterior
  • 1” overall glazing for picture windows
  • 9 special shapes to choose from
  • Mechanically joined corners
  • AAMA Rating of C40
  • Low maintenance, and a lifetime brand warranty
Crown 5365 Series Deluxe Retrofit Vinyl picture Windows IWC
Crown 5365 Series Deluxe Retrofit Vinyl Windows
Neat and practical design with impressive features.
  • Glazing:  ¾” Low-E Standard
  • Frame: z-bar, multi-chamber, and equipped with a water-resistant technology — a diversion channel around the entirety of it
  • Installation: easy due to the interior track cover
aluminum picture windows milgard
Thermally Improved Aluminum | A250
Ultra-modern design made to be timeless.
  • Various shapes and sizes for picture windows
  • Light yet extremely durable aluminum composite
  • Thermal breaks between interior and exterior minimize the heat/cold transfer
  • Enhanced energy efficiency provided by SunCoat® Low E glass
  • Corners are solidly sealed and joined mechanically
ultra picture windows milgard
Ultra™ Series | C650
Contemporary attractiveness of those fiberglass windows gives your home an urbanistic touch.
  • Stationary picture windows come in several sizes and shapes
  • Fiberglass material is highly durable and withstands warping, rotting, and swelling
  • Enhanced energy efficiency thanks to the region-based ENERGY STAR® package
  • Lifelong limited guarantee from the brand included
styleline picture windows milgard
Style Line® Series | V250
Beautiful vinyl windows that mix affordability with high performance
  • Picture window frames are stationary and come in various shapes and sizes. Can be combined with operational windows of your choice
  • Unique vinyl formula provides durability and a tasteful aesthetic
  • Comes with a lifelong brand warranty
trinsic picture windows milgard
Trinsic™ Series | V300
Magical sophistication of black interiors and exteriors.
  • Slim frame with even sightlines provide you with a broad view and balanced aesthetic
  • Unique vinyl formula gives you years of the top-notch performance
  • Energy efficiency is enhanced thanks to the region-based ENERGY STAR® package
  • Lifelong warranty from the brand
tuscany picture windows milgard
Tuscany® Series | V400
Inspired by the elegance of Italy, this collection provides you with premium vinyl windows
  • Stationary picture window frames come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be easily combined with operational windows
  • Sightlines are even, providing an aesthetically balanced look and feel
  • Enhanced energy efficiency thanks to the region-based ENERGY STAR® package
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty from the brand
ecolite picture windows provia
Eco Lite
Known for its signature milky-white frames, this collection of vinyl windows fills your space with a soft, airy atmosphere.
  • 3" deep, fully welded frame with a glazed interior
  • Direct-set glass increases daylight openings
  • By discreetly disappearing in the sash, the Intercept Blackline™ Spacer enhances the view
  • Sloped sill mechanism guards the room against water and drafts without ruining the frame’s integrity
aspect picture windows provia
Tasteful and practical collection of vinyl windows.
  • 3" deep, fully welded frame
  • SunShield® Vinyl composite withstands the harshest solar exposure, even in the South
  • UV protection with ¾" ComforTech™ DLA-UV, or 1" IGU ComforTech TLA-UV & TLK-UV
  • Insulation by Neopor®
  • Direct-set glass increases daylight openings
  • Sloped sill mechanism protects the room against moisture, wind, and drafts without ruining the frame’s integrity
picture windows endure provia
A collection that provides class, coziness, and security to your home.
  • 3" deep, fully welded frame
  • SunShield® Vinyl composite withstands the harshest solar exposure, even in the South
  • UV protection with ¾" ComforTech™ DLA-UV (1" IGU ComforTech TLA-UV & TLK-UV is optional)
  • Direct-set glass increases daylight openings
  • Sloped sill mechanism guards the room against water and drafts without ruining the frame’s integrity
Aeris Wood Vinyl provia picture windows
Aeris Wood + Vinyl
Sophisticated collection with enhanced performance.
  • Frame depth of 3¼"
  • Insulation by Neopor®
  • UV-ray protection increased using 1" ComforTech™ DLA-UV
  • Direct glazing: the frame provides maximum insolation but prevents moisture from seeping in
  • Continuously welded assembly
  • Hardwood interior (choose from Cherry, Maple, or Premium Oak)

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