Single-hung Windows

With a single-hung window, you are getting ventilation via a single operable vertical sash, which is always located in the lower part. A window like that stays even with the wall and the lower sash can be easily cleaned from the inside of your room. This makes single-hung windows a perfect choice for ground floors, patios, winter gardens, walkaways, etc. (Note: if you choose windows that are high off the ground, pick double-hung windows for easier maintenance.)

No matter what design options you have in mind, we will provide you with the right color, hardware, geometric shape, and glass for your single-hung window.

Contact us now to get an official estimate of installation or replacement. The cost depends on your choice of a single-hung window design, extra features and other preferences.

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Design Options
Grid Pattern
Contoured or rectangular patterns are placed into insulated glass. This makes your windows durable yet low maintenance, providing a more personal and homely look to your interior.
Custom Patterns
Designer Colors
We offer vibrant exterior colors of great durability that are adhesive to vinyl and won't lose quality for a very long time. Impact resistance, energy loss prevention, anti-fading, and anti-warping technology are just a few of the perks.
Sky Blue
Sky Blue
Bing Cherry
Bing Cherry
Blue Denim
Blue Denim
Forest Green
Forest Green
Maple Syrup
Maple Syrup
Prairie Grass
Dark Bronze
Pebble Tan
Single-hung Windows by Brand
100 series single hung andersen
100 Series
A great mix of affordability, style, and reliability.
  • Andersen presents Fibrex®: an exclusive composite material that beats vinyl in terms of durability increased to 200%
  • No flaking, corrosion, blistering, cracking, peeling, pitting, or rusting. Guaranteed and protected by the brand’s warranty
  • Lower sash moves smoothly, allowing extra ventilation
  • Single-hung window can be used as replacement insert window
Simonton Single Hung Window
Single-Hung windows
Top-of-the-game series, secure yet easy to care for.
  • Sizes for the majority of existing openings
  • Premium vinyl made to last
  • Single-hung windows are compatible with most of the traditional American architectural styles: from colonials and ranches to victorian homes, farm houses, or cape cods.
tuscany Single Hung Window milgard
Tuscany® Series | V400
Exquisitely elegant, Italian-inspired series.
  • Premium vinyl formula, exclusive to the Milgard brand. Durable, energy-efficient, and aesthetically pleasing.
  • SmartTouch® die-cast zinc hardware is the brand’s innovative locking system. Allows locking and unlocking your single-hung window in one smooth motion, yet provides absolute security.
trinsic Single Hung Window milgard
Trinsic™ Series | V300
Wonderfully sophisticated black interiors and exteriors.
  • Single-hung windows are made of the premium vinyl material
  • Easy opening/closing with the innovative locking system
  • Unobstructed viewing area with an aesthetically balanced look and feel due to narrow frame and even sightlines
  • Energy efficiency provided by a regional ENERGY STAR® package
styleline Single Hung Window milgard
Style Line® Series | V250
Affordable window series with secure features
  • Single-hung windows are made of the premium vinyl material
  • Unobstructed viewing area with an aesthetically balanced look and feel due to narrow frame and even sightlines
  • Easy one-motion opening/closing with the innovative  Positive ActionTM Lock system
  • Energy efficiency provided by a regional ENERGY STAR® package
ultra Single Hung Window milgard
Ultra™ Series | C650
Urbanist notes and superior durability.
  • Single-hung windows are available in different shapes and sizes
  • Strong fiberglass material withstands warping, rotting, and swelling
  • Stylish, convenient, and secure hardware.
  • Energy efficiency provided by the region-based ENERGY STAR® package
  • Lifelong limited guarantees from the brand include
aluminum Single Hung Window milgard
Thermally Improved Aluminum | A250
A contemporary design destined to be timeless in every way.
  • Various shapes and sizes for single-hung windows selection
  • Light yet positively secure and durable aluminum frame
  • Minimized heat/cold transfer due to thermal breaks between interior and exterior
  • Improved energy efficiency provided by SunCoat® Low E glass
  • Sealed, mechanically-joined corners that stay square and true over time
  • Milgard SunCoat® Low E glass for energy efficiency
  • Thermally Improved Aluminum provides less heat/cold transfer, improving insulating ability
marvin coastline single hung window
Coastline Single-Hung
Keep your property both stylish and secure.
  • Single-hung windows available in over 4′ in width and up to 8′ in height
  • Enhanced security with dual-lock system
  • Glass can be insulated or tinted. Energy-efficient Low-e option is available.
  • Noise reduced thanks to impact glass
  • Impact windows meet North American hurricane impact code requirements
marvin signature ultimate single hung g2 window
Ultimate Single-Hung G2
The series is perfect for modern and classic home styles.
  • Single-hung windows available in over 10.5′ in width and up to 5.5′ in height
  • Uniquely convenient mode lets you wash and clean the glass from both sides while staying in the room
  • Checkrails are slim, providing an enhanced view
  • CE certified. Other certifications available: IZ3 (coastal/hurricane), and Commercial Windows Performance
marvin signature ultimate wood single-hung window
Ultimate Wood Single-Hung
Tasteful wooden frames with superior durability.
  • Available in over 4′ in width and up to 8′ in height
  • Multiple options (woods and finishes) for the exterior
  • CE certified; IZ3 certification available
marvin essential single hung window
Essential Single-Hung Window
  • Available in over 4′ in width and up to 6.5′ in height
  • Fiberglass material provides low maintenance and durability
  • Easy and low-profile yet reliable and secure locks
Crown 5300 Series Vinyl single hung Windows iwc
Crown 5300 Series Vinyl Windows
  • Specialty glass and dual glaze options for single-hung windows
  • ¾ ” Dual Glazing Standard
  • Fully welded sash and multi-chamber frame
  • Steel Stiffener
Acoustic 9300 Series Vinyl sinle hung Windows
Acoustic 9300 Series Vinyl Windows
  • Single-hung windows come with 3 vertically gliding panels
  • Interior sash on the top can be moved down, providing access to the inner parts of fixed exterior sash for cleaning
  • Low-profile yet secure dual handles and thumb locks
6200 Series Aluminum single hung Windows iwc
6200 Series Aluminum Windows
  • Single-hung window frame is 2 ⅝”  deep
  • Sill is sloped and has weepholes
  • Sash tilts inwards
  • Marine glazed with ¾ ” Dual Glazing
  • Sightlines are even and sleek
Ambassador 8200 Series Aluminum single hung Windows iwc
Ambassador 8200 Series Aluminum Windows
  • Enhanced dust and draft resistance thanks to the sash infiltrations
  • Inward-tilting sash for easy exterior glass washing
  • Modern and sleek locking mechanism operates via a secure positive action cam latch
Crown 5365 Series Deluxe Retrofit Vinyl Windows iwc
Crown 5365 Series Deluxe Retrofit Vinyl Windows
Practical design with multi-dimensional features.
  • Glazing:  ¾” Low-E Standard
  • Frame equipped with a water-resistant technology — a diversion channel around it
  • Aluminum stiffener and neat shadow box detail
Gentry 5400 Series double hung windows iwc
Gentry 5400 Series Vinyl Windows
  • Units available: insulated with triple glass, IG 3/4” overall, and 1⅛ ” overall triple glazed
  • Acoustical performance is enhanced
  • Available in hurricane rating options

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