Sliding Window

Sliding windows operate by gliding from one side to another. A system like that is a quick and easy way to provide ventilation without taking too much wall space. That's why sliding windows are great options for smaller rooms, basements, or even attics.

Another advantage of sliding windows is their minimalism. They will look great in contemporary house designs, giving them a clean and modern look.

Sliding windows are also notoriously convenient when it comes to their panes. You can make those as wide as you want and place items on them, from house plants to books. Since sliding windows open by gliding to the side, you won't have to push things out of the frame's way — as you would with most other operable windows.

Also known as gliding windows

May like: single-hung windows, fixed casement.

Design Options
Grid Pattern
Contoured or rectangular patterns are placed into insulated glass. This makes your windows durable yet low maintenance, providing a more personal and homely look to your interior.
Custom Patterns
Designer Colors
We offer vibrant exterior colors of great durability that are adhesive to vinyl and won't lose quality for a very long time. Impact resistance, energy loss prevention, anti-fading, and anti-warping technology are just a few of the perks.
Sky Blue
Sky Blue
Bing Cherry
Bing Cherry
Blue Denim
Blue Denim
Forest Green
Forest Green
Maple Syrup
Maple Syrup
Prairie Grass
Dark Bronze
Pebble Tan
Sliding Window by Brand
400 Series gliding window andersen
400 Series
One of the brand's hit collections, boasting classy style and top performance.
  • Exterior: vinyl
  • Interior: available in prefinished Black, Dark Bronze, and White, or unfinished pine.
  • Gliding: horizontal for both sashes
  • Innovative gliding system made to last decades.
  • Low maintenance
200 Series gliding window andersen
200 Series
Get the coziness of wooden design for an affordable price.
  • Exterior: vinyl, available in White or Sandstone
  • Interior: available in unfinished Pine, or prefinished White.
  • Glides smoothly with no jamming thanks to the raised track system
  • Low maintenance
100 Series gliding window andersen
100 Series
Environment-friendly windows with impressive features.
  • Sashes: one operable, one stationary. A three-stash option available, with stationary middle sash, and two operable sashes gliding past it.
  • Innovative composite material Fibrex provides doubled durability (compared to vinyl), and withstands the heat up to 150°.
  • Energy-efficient and low-maintenance.
  • Replacement insert window option available.
E Series gliding window andersen
E Series
  • Exterior: wood with aluminum protection
  • Interior: available in different woods, colors, stains
  • Sleek, crisp lines make this gliding window great for hard-to-manage spaces
  • Low Maintenance
Simonton Slider Window
Sliding windows
  • Sliding windows made of premium vinyl
  • Enhanced durability and resistant to the elements and other types of damage
  • Custom sizings for different openings
  • Wide variety of colors for interiors and exteriors
pv tuscany slider windows milgard
Tuscany® Series | V400
  • Sliding windows made of the brand's famous premium vinyl
  • Reliable, innovative, and convenient SmartTouch® Lock is easy to operate
  • Energy efficiency provided by an ENERGY STAR® package based on your region's unique climate
trinsic series horizontal slider windows milgard
Trinsic™ Series | V300
  • Made of durable vinyl
  • Interior and exterior: signature black color
  • Gliding windows come in elegant modern design with slim frame that expands the view
Style Line Series horizontal slider windows milgard
Style Line® Series | V250
  • State-of-art vinyl material
  • Fresh contemporary design with crisp lines and broad view
  • One-motion Positive Action locking system is easy to operate yet durable and reliable
Ultra Series C650 Horizontal Slider windows milgard
Ultra™ Series | C650
  • Frame: fiberglass with upgraded durability. Doesn’t warp, swell, or rot.
  • Hardware is low-maintenance, secure, and stylish
  • Great energy efficiency is provided by an ENERGY STAR® package for your region
Thermally Improved Aluminum | A250
  • Horizontal sliding windows can have either left or right operable sash based on your choice
  • Heat/cold transfer minimized and regulated and insulation enhanced due to the unique aluminum frame
  • Corners are sealed and joined mechanically
  • Clean contemporary design with slim sightlines that don’t obstruct the view
Coastline Glider sliding windows marvin
Coastline Glider
  • Configurations available: XO, XOX, or OX (where O is operable sash and X is stationary)
  • Widths over 14′, heights over 6′, with larger customizations available
  • Enhanced security due to dual-point locks
  • Enhanced sound insulation thanks to the impact glass
  • Custom color options available
Ultimate Glider sliding windows marvin
Signature™ Ultimate Glider
  • Heights over 6′, widths over 14′
  • Panels: dual and triple. OXXO configuration is recommended for a better view and light
  • Easy and smooth gliding, low-maintenance and attractive hardware/handle
  • Great security all over provided by multi-point locks.
  • Automatic locking system activates as soon as the window is shut
Elevate Glider sliding windows marvin
Elevate™ Glide
  • Heights over 5′, widths over 8′
  • Reliable, secure, and low-maintenance locks
  • Easy to clean from inside the room thanks to the tilting option (operable panel)
Essential Glider sliding windows marvin
Essential™ Glider
  • Heights over 5′, widths over 6′ (two panels)
  • Heights over 6′, widths over 8′ (three panels)
  • Locks are secure, sturdy, and easy to operate
  • Durable high-quality fiberglass
  • Replacement options for existing openings are available
Aeris Slider windows provia
Aeris Wood + Vinyl
  • Vinyl of the proprietary European formula
  • Frame 3¼" deep, fully welded along with sash
  • Hardwood interiors available in Cherry, Premium Oak, Marple
  • Brass wheels for smooth gliding
slider endure windows provia
  • Frame 3" deep, fully welded along with sash
  • Energy efficiency and regulated heat/cold transfer secured with exterior glazing, SunShield® Vinyl, Neopor® Graphite Polystyrene insulation, and INNERGY™ thermal reinforcements
Aspect Vinyl Slider Windows provia
  • Frame 3" deep, sash and frame are fully welded
  • Brass wheels for smooth, jam-free gliding
  • Energy efficiency and heat/cold regulation with exterior glazing, dual weatherstripping, SunShield® Vinyl, Neopor® Graphite Polystyrene insulation, and INNERGY™ thermal reinforcements
  • Secure locking system with two sculptured sweep locks, surface-mounted
ecoLite Series Slider Window provia
  • Can be easily maintained or removed due to slider pads
  • Energy-efficienct, with effectively regulated heat/cold transfer due to dual weatherstripping, exterior glazing, Neopor® Graphite Polystyrene insulation, INNERGY™ thermal reinforcements, and  SunShield® Vinyl,
  • Aluminum frame: 3" deep, fully welded
  •  BetterVue™ fiberglass mesh
Gentry 5400 Series sliding windows iwc
Gentry 5400 Series Vinyl Windows
  • Sliding windows available in XO and XX configurations
  • The Hold Open latch helps to see if the window is unlocked
  • Roller composed from stainless steel, nylon, and delrin can be adjusted from 0 to .080
  • Enhanced sound insulation
  • Secondary lock for additional ventilation
  • XX windows have sturdy anti-sag track and hardware tilt for cleaning
  • Hurricane rating frames available
  • Energy Star compliant
Series 6200 Horizontal Sliding Commercial Aluminum Window IWC
Series 6200 Horizontal Sliding Commercial Aluminum Window
  • Thermally adjusted, sturdy aluminum
  • Energy efficiency and thermal protection provided thanks to dual glazing
  • Enhanced sound insulation
Ambassador 8200 Series Aluminum sliding Windows iwc
Ambassador 8200 Series Aluminum Windows
  • Durable and reliable aluminum frames, thermally broken
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Secure and attractive cam latch
  • Maximized energy performance with modern-day ThermoTech™ extrusions
  • Additional night lock available
Crown 5365 Series Deluxe Retrofit Vinyl Windows iwc
Crown 5365 Series Deluxe Retrofit Vinyl Windows
  • Glazing:  ¾” Low-E Standard
  • Dual wall flush fin is thin and easy to install
  • Multi-chamber frame equipped with a water-resistant technology — a diversion channel
  • Aluminum stiffener and stylish shadow box detail
Crown 5300 Series Vinyl sliding Windows IWC
Crown 5300 Series Vinyl Windows
  • Adjustable tandem rollers guarantee years of smooth gliding and durability
  • Multi-chamber frame and sash fully welded
  • Stiffener made of aluminum
  • 3/4” Dual Glazing Standard
6200 Series Aluminum sliding Windows iwc
6200 Series Aluminum Windows
Safety features include a simplified latch and lock system and a secondary NightLock, which enables the window to remain in a locked position while of ventilation.
  • Unique NightLock system allows ventilation with 2» while keeping the window securely locked
  • Frame is 2⅝” deep
  • 3/4” Dual Glazing
  • Crisp and clean straight sighlines

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